VSPHOENIX is a state-of-the-art digital dart machine
that allows users to compete online using an ID card system.

Functions & Features of VSPHOENIX

Save Your Gameplay Data to Our Online Network

Play data logging

Tap your VSPHOENIX Online Card to the VSPHOENIX dart machine, and your match records and gameplay data will automatically be saved to our network database. Create an account on our website with your unique VSPHOENIX Online Card ID number. You can use this number (or your username) to check your match records and gameplay data at any time.

Register as a member to check your mach records.

VSONLINE Matches with Distant Opponents

VSONLINE matches

Now, you can challenge and compete against players in other locations through VSPHOENIX Online Matches. You can even choose the skill level of your opponents based on each user's saved gameplay data.

How to play VSONLINE matches

Dual Cameras

Dual Camera attachedTwo cameras display your opponent as well as your opponent's dart board. You can enjoy exciting dart matches with players halfway across the world with VSONLINE Matches!

Details of the dart machine

Dynamic Images and Sounds

Dynamic images and soundsEnjoy dart matches with cool images and awesome sounds!
*An AWARD is an image that is displayed when a high score is achieved.

Classification of awards

How to enjoy darts


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